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Arctic Monkeys


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Who knew it was possible to hear in monochrome? Arctic Monkeys’ 5th studio album is a wickedly seductive record, draped in black leather and wielding a switch-blade. Alex Turner and co. had spent years shapeshifting from pointed indie, to sun-stroked desert rock to whimsical psychedelic pop. It wasn’t until AM that they created a sound so assured and so spellbinding.

The thick grooves underpin the album. Unfaltering drumbeats and dark bass-lines dripping with fuzz leave you with a sense of dread and paranoia. That chest rattling dread associated with the likes of Black Sabbath. The haunted atmosphere is compounded by Jamie Cook’s guitar, flexing its muscles over the hip swaying rhythm. Even through the familiar Motown swing of 'Snap Out Of It', the bubbling G-Funk of 'Why Do You Only Call Me When You’re High' or the Velvet Underground melodies on 'Mad Sounds', you feel violated.

Turner’s sinister overtones are palpable. His voice is demonically possessed. On songs like 'R U Mine?', 'One For The Road' and 'I Wanna Be Yours' he is joined by a chorus of fellow doomed souls. His fresh-faced cheek is dead. He retains his humour but the lines linger for longer, your hair stands up straighter and just like Turner, you can’t help yourself crawling back.

AM is darker, sexier and better than anything Arctic Monkeys have done before or since. Play it after midnight. Turn off the lights. Watch your back.


NEW / Released in 2013




A1 Do I Wanna Know?

A2 R U Mine?

A3 One For The Road

A4 Arabella

A5 I Want It All

A6 No.1 Party Anthem

B1 Mad Sounds

B2 Fireside

B3 Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?

B4 Snap Out Of It

B5 Knee Socks

B6 I Wanna Be Yours

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