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Men I Trust
Oncle Jazz 2LP (coloured vinyl)


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Oncle Jazz is subversive, ambient pop music for the Spotify age: not droning enough for listeners to reach nirvana; muted and mellow enough to wind up on every “chill” playlist ever made; intricate and interesting enough to turn up loud and get lost inside. The secret to Men I Trust’s success lies in their commitment to an aesthetic mellowness while still writing perfectly crafted pop songs. 


NEW / Released in 2019 / Reissue 2020




A1 Oncle Jazz

A2 Norton Commander

A3 Days Go By

A4 Tailwhip

A5 Found Me

A6 Numb

B1 Say Can You Hear

B2 All Night

B3 I Hope To Be Around

B4 Dorian

B5 Pines

B6 Slap Pie

C1 Fiero GT

C2 Seven

C3 Show Me How

C4 Alright

C5 You Deserve This

C6 Pierre

D1 Air

D2 Porcelain

D3 Poodle Of Mud

D4 Something In Water

D5 Tailwhip Revisited

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