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Death In Vegas
The Contino Sessions 2LP


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Richard Fearless has earned his name. Death in Vegas's 1997 debut, Dead Elvis, established him as a defiant DJ, mixing techno with weird dub, rock, and industrial. Despite itself, the disc spawned a hit ("Dirt"), an experience he may have wished to replicate here, though Contino pushes even harder in multiple directions. Many high-profile guests add to the blend of smooth grooves, noisy ambience, and raucous rock rhythms. Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie conjures a laid-back hip-hop posture for "Soul Auctioneer," while Jim Reid makes "Broken Little Sister" sound a lot like his own band, Jesus and Mary Chain. On "Aisha," Iggy Pop's wicked monologue could rival Nick Cave's creep-factor were it not for Fearless's musical playfulness. From gospel choirs and organs to Americana twang, deep bass rumblings to spacey sci-fi sounds, The Contino Sessions is a psychedelic trip with bravery and grit.


NEW / Released in 1999 / Reissue 2020




A1 Dirge

A2 Soul Auctioneer

B1 Death Threat

B2 Flying

C1 Aisha

C2 Lever Street

C3 Aladdin's Story

D1 Broken Little Sister

D2 Neptune City

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