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Relentless Mutation LP


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Season Of Mist





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Season of Mist, black vinyl, gatefold cover, Welcome to first class technical death metal madness. Machine-gun vocals rattle remorselessly over a furious flurry of arpeggios, scales, and everything else that the two string wizards of ARCHSPIRE can pick at break-finger speed out their guitars. If this sounds hardly human at the level of technical execution, the Gatling-style hyper-drumming pushing these monstrous compositions forward is adding to the alien impression. It cannot even be a question that the Canadians have outdone themselves with their third full-length, 'Relentless Mutation'. This album is simply insane in a most excellent way. The level of musicianship that ARCHSPIRE offer will leave even tech death fans drooling!


NEW / Released in 2017




A1 Involuntary Doppelgänger

A2 Human Murmuration

A3 Remote Tumour Seeker

A4 Relentless Mutation

B5 The Mimic Well

B6 Calamus Will Animate

B7 A Dark Horizontal

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