Jacky Giordano
Jacky Giordano Organ LP


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Le Très Groove Club






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An aura of mistery hangs over Jacky Giordano, a studio musician who has mostly worked for library music.

He is the one behind the amazing label Freesound (Schifter, Philopsis, Challenger), but as well on Montparnasse 2000 with Pop in Devil’s Train (reissued on Le Très Groove Club), on Timing (Timing N°1 and Timing N°5, under the nickname Jacky Nodaro), on Musax with Boucles Rythmiques (under the nickname Joachim Sherylee, reissued as well on Le Très Groove Club) or Black Devil Disco Club whose paternity for this record is still disputed between him and Bernard Fêvre.


Produs Nou / Anul aparitiei: 1977 / Reissue 2019





A1 Interrogation Point

A2 Easy Drive

A3 Project Problematic

A4 Lonely Walk

A5 Midnight Feeling

A6 Cloudy Night

A7 Pleasant Moment

B1 Cat & Mouse

B2 Coffee Or Tea

B3 Latest News

B4 Hey Taxi

B5 Owls Night

B6 Beating Around

B7 Heavy Footfalls