Eden Ahbez
Eden's Island LP


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For a brief time in the late 1940s, a man named Eden Ahbez was a media phenomenon: a 40-year-old man who lived under the Hollywood sign, ate raw fruits and vegetables and funded an itinerant lifestyle by supplying massive hits like “Nature Boy” to Nat King Cole. Had he been born a few decades later into the hippie movement he anticipated, he might’ve made folk music or psychedelic rock. But in his time, the escapist music du jour was exotica, and his lone album Eden’s Island is one of that dubious genre’s more interesting relics.

Eden’s Island plays like an advertisement for Ahbez’s lifestyle. It imagines a paradise called “Eden’s Island,” far from the constraints of Western living, where “boys and girls fall in love” on palm trees and sandy beaches. You’d think unmooring his conception of paradise from the South Pacific or Southeast Asia or Japan would lead to an exotica album free from exoticism. Not so: the fake Caribbean accents we hear in so much pop of the era make their way to “Mongoose” and “Banana Boy,” the latter of whom seems so desperate to sell his bananas we wonder how much of a paradise Eden’s island really is.




1. Eden's Island

2. The Wanderer

3. Myna Bird

4. Eden's Cove

5. Tradewind

6. Full Moon

7. Mongoose

8. Market Place

9. Banana Boy

10. The Old Boat

11. Island Girl

12. La Mar