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Caetano Veloso
Araçá Azul LP


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Lilith Records present a reissue of Caetano Veloso's Caetano Veloso (Araçá Azul), originally issued in 1972. Apparently when this album was originally released in 1972, confused and bewildered fans, expecting more of the same found on Transa, released earlier that year, returned the album to the shop, demanding a refund. Meanwhile, critics raved, and many now consider Araçá Azul to be one of his great creative moments. To be fair to his many fans, it was a stark departure from his previous releases, which were decidedly more pop, but Veloso had been through a lot recently, having just returned from political exile in the UK, so it is no wonder that the artist was feeling a bit like he needed to fly in the face of conformity. In Veloso's own words, "I made this album without thinking, without taking the time to stop to think." He refers to the album's "insolent experimentalism" and calls it a kind of "last stand.


Produs Nou / Anul aparitiei: 1973 / Reissue 2019





A1 Viola, Meu Bem

A2 De Conversa / Cravo E Canela

A3 Tu Me Acostumbraste

A4 Gilberto Misterioso

A5 De Palavra Em Palavra

A6 De Cara / Eu Quero Essa Muhler

B1 Sugar Cane Fields Forever

B2 Julia / Moreno

B3 Épico

B4 Araçá Azul