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The Bends LP


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Pablo Honey in no way was adequate preparation for its epic, sprawling follow-up, The Bends. Building from the sweeping, three-guitar attack that punctuated the best moments of Pablo Honey, Radiohead create a grand and forceful sound that nevertheless resonates with anguish and despair -- it's cerebral anthemic rock. Occasionally, the album displays its influences, whether it's U2, Pink Floyd, R.E.M., or the Pixies, but Radiohead turn clichés inside out, making each song sound bracingly fresh. Thom Yorke's tortured lyrics give the album a melancholy undercurrent, as does the surging, textured music. But what makes The Bends so remarkable is that it marries such ambitious, and often challenging, instrumental soundscapes to songs that are at their cores hauntingly melodic and accessible. It makes the record compelling upon first listen, but it reveals new details with each listen, and soon it becomes apparent that with The Bends, Radiohead have reinvented anthemic rock.


Produs Nou / Anul aparitiei: 1995 / Reissue 2016





A1 Planet Telex

A2 The Bends

A3 High and Dry

A4 Fake Plastic Trees

A5 Bones

A6 (Nice Dream)

B1 Just

B2 My Iron Lung

B3 Bullet Proof ... I Wish I Was

B4 Black Star

B5 Sulk

B6 Street Spirit (Fade Out)