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Sufjan Stevens
Seven Swans LP


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Seven Swans is the fourth official studio album by American recording artist Sufjan Stevens. Originally released in 2004, the album is comprised of “lush acoustic compositions” paired with lyrics infused with Bible tales and Christian imagery. Don’t let that dissuade you, though – it’s a truly brilliant album, religious or not.

The album name is an apparent reference to the Book of Revelation, the final book of the Bible, in which the people of Earth are judged and the righteous ascend to heaven.


Produs Nou / Anul aparitiei: 2004 / Reissue 2016





A1 All The Trees Of The Field Will Clap Their Hands

A2 The Dress Looks Nice On You

A3 In The Devils Territory

A4 To Be Alone With You

A5 Abraham

A6 Sister

B1 Size Too Small

B2 We Won't Need Legs To Stand

B3 A Good Man Is Hard To Find

B4 He Woke Me Up Again

B5 Seven Swans

B6 The Transfiguration